Free tracking activities as used in Read Write Spell

See below for a free tracking activities sheet you can copy.

When completed, it should look like this:

Tracking exercises

You can copy what follows and paste into a word document, then resize the text.

Track for the letters st.

x w s t h d s t a q j s t y m s t g h p s t z e s t a s

v s t c b s t w p s t c a m s t k s t n m q a s t v i

Track for the word 1.

stand b w s r m t o f v a m f n s l c d r

strand h j s y t e v r f k d b a h c n r w d

Track for the word 2.

Find sand.

d p s a n d f m s a n d g p s a n d t

Find land.

h c l a n d u w r l a n d t e b l a n d

Track for suffix ed.

mended landed rented granted

Read and track the sentence.

Did Dan land in sand?

Sid Did lid Dan Dad add stand land it in is sand?

Many of the tracking activities in Read Write Spell structured workbooks are of the same type as in this free sheet. The initial part of each exercise is done as an example for the student to continue.

Tracking exercises form a useful part of literacy programmes. They encourage eye and hand movement from left to right and reinforce knowledge acquired through hearing using the visual and manual kinaesthetic route. Most struggling readers and writers enjoy tracking exercises too. For more information on using as many as possible of the senses, click here.