Two pages of spelling patterns for reinforcing spelling

These two pages are taken from the spelling patterns pages of a Read Write Spell student workbook. They are found opposite each other in workbook 19, in Series 7.

The "check page" is there so that the tutor can say the sound, which is then repeated by the student as s/he writes the letter(s) on the next page in the appropriate space. Students may first look at the left page or try to write the correct letters simply by hearing the sound. Either way, it is important that the student says the "pure" sound while writing the letter or letters.

Only spelling patterns that have already been taught one at a time are included in this early section of a workbook.

Some patterns are discontinued after adequate practice has ensured that the student has achieved automaticity with those patterns, but they are retained, or occasionally re-introduced when an alternative spelling for the same sound is taught.

Reference to the phonic progression indicates that f as a single consonant is taught well before ff at the end of words like stiff. After the lesson on ff, the reinforcement page includes a rectangle with both f and ff. The pattern ph comes much later still.

spelling patterns for reinforcing spelling instruction

This exercise forms part of a multisensory teaching programme. The student uses several senses - hearing, seeing, saying and manual kinaesthetic.