Sentence level work for practice

Adequate sentence level work needs to be incorporated into any structured programme for improving literacy.

Useful sentence level work exercises include sentence READING activities like "Track the sentence", "True or False?", "Tick the sentences you can read", and execises like the one here which is both a READING and a SPELLING exercise.

This page is a free sample taken from

Read Write Spell work book, Series 8, lesson 26. That workbook introduces a new spelling rule - drop the final e when adding vowel suffixes to words that end in silent e.

You may copy and paste this into a word document and resize to A4 size.

This kind of work should be introduced AFTER you have practised new words for a new spelling rule, as in this example, or a new sound / symbol correspondence or a new affix.

As with word level work some students will require more practice than others.

Many different sentence level exercises are incorporated in Read Write Spell structured workbooks.