A reading chart you can adapt

This section of a reading chart is taken from a very early Read Write Spell lesson. Later lessons have progressively more graphemes, even though graphemes are progressively omitted in later workbooks when they have been practised sufficiently. Below you will find a section of a reading chart from a Read Write Spell workbook. All Read Write Spell workbooks have similar sections for recall of previously learned reading patterns. It is vitally important, when using a sructured programme, to reinforce prior learning for both reading and spelling. This reading activity is simply "look at the letter(s) and say the sound", one at a time. Most students like to tick the middle column when they have said the sound. Most can say all the sounds on a page like this in half a minute or less.

The process of reinforcement helps to transfer knowledge from working memory to long-term memory. It leads to automaticity. A student who has practised adequately in this way will automatically say the correct sound when next faced with the same grapheme.

reading chart segment