Look Say Cover Write Check

"Look Say Cover Write Check" is simply an extension of "Look Cover Write Check".

The difference is that to include SAYING the word / sentence before covering it ensures that the exercise is more multisensory.

Students practise individual words by Look Say Cover Write Check and then sentences made up of words just practised, together with other words introduced earlier in the programme. Read Write Spell workbook, namely, Series 7, workbook 3.

You may copy and paste this into a word document and resize to A4.

There are two important things to note here.

1. There are NO words that are not in structure with the phonic progression.

2. The student may read the sentence with the tutor. He or she needs to say it twice, and then neither the tutor nor the student says anything at all, so that the student is able to keep the entire sentence in mind as it is written.

Some students may need to "have a peep", especially in the early stages. They should be praised when they no longer need to.

For many students, this last page of the workbook is the hardest page. Don't forget that praise is due for work well done.

After the workbook is completed, play the appropriate game.

If you are using Read Write Spell, and the student has completed workbook 10, 20, 30 or 40, give the student a well deserved certificate copied from the master included with your Read Write Spell workbook photocopy masters.