Games to improve reading and writing

Let's make it fun!

Phonic games for playing after finishing a Read Write Spell workbook are usually very well appreciated by all students except some students who are 16 years or over. They could be described as the icing on the cake.

Most of my students like to count up the number of times they have won! And I never let them win on purpose - that would be too patronising.

I have designed them all to reinforce the new teaching point in the series of lessons that the student is following. They are all designed for two players only. They can be played with a tutor or with another student who has already completed the appropriate workbook. They can be played immediately after the completion of a workbook or on a future occasion. They help to transfer newly acquired phonic knowledge from a student's short term memory into his or her long term memory - and in a way that most students enjoy.

The ten games of Series 6 are used (one at a time) as students complete the ten workbooks that comprise that series of workbooks. The thirty in Series 7 of Read Write Spell are used (one at a time) as students complete the thirty workbooks that comprise that Series. The forty of Series 8 are used as students complete the forty workbooks of that Series.

Some games are free. They can be copied from this website and will need to be printed on card and cut and packaged. They are rhyming sets and pairs and one for phonological awareness.

Those which are bought ready made are mounted on separate laminated cards with rules on the reverse and can be filed in labelled ring binders.

phonic games folders

The ones that are in structure with the Read Write Spell workbooks are available either ready made or on disc (at less than half the price) for you to print, cut and assemble yourself. To find a list of teaching points which are being reinforced, you may refer to the phonic progression used in Read Write Spell.